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Frosty Mornings

April 6, 2010

The vines are busting out all over the Valley and it’s time to dust off the blog and start filing information for the 2010 vintage. Things have been wet this spring and this morning if you had the pleasure of overnighting in the Valley you might have heard the dull roar of the wind machines. In fact you might not have gotten a wink of sleep between about 4 am and 7 am unless you are used to sleeping at the airport!

Wind machines are used extensively around the vineyards to move air, thus keeping the air temperatures hovering just above freezing. With delicate buds, leaves and shoots emerging it’s a time when frost can kill the early growth.

Sprinklers are also used to keep air temperatures up, which is why you might see them on as well, in spite of the impressive rainfall of the last several days.

Less frequently, although arguably the most visually impressive, smudge pots are also used.

There have been only a handful of frosty nights to date, and hopefully we’ll soon be out of danger and back to our peaceful mornings. But in the meantime, remember to be patient with sleep deprived vineyard managers!

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