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September 4, 2009

Each labor day weekend people flock to the Napa Valley for one last summer fling, and many will see and experience the magic of harvest for the first time. For those of us lucky enough to live here this is an exhillerating time. It’s usually hot, and it’s always hectic. School is back in session, after school practices have begun and almost every household looses on member or another to harvest activities.

So much work is done in such a short period of time. In less than three months’ time thousands of tons of the world’s finest winegrapes are picked, sorted and pressed, their juice transported into fermentation tanks in cellars and chais across the Napa Valley.

The sites and smells of the season are so familiar, and yet each year seems like a gift as it unfolds. So if you happen to be here, take a minute to really soak it all up–not just the wine, but also the smell of gently fermenting juice wafting from tanks, the ballet-like efficiency of the picking crews as they bring in the fruit. The tired and grubby crush pad crew siting down for a quick afternoon meal. Work,eat, sleep, repeat, this is the rythm of the harvest. The hardest best time of the year. We welcome the opportunity to share it.

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