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The calm before the storm

August 25, 2009

There seems to be a little lull in Yountville’s 2009 harvest. For those who favor lower sugars in their Sauvignon Blanc, picking is progressing at a steady, manageable pace thanks to very moderate weather conditions of late. But at this point, everyone is gearing up for the coming action. Questions remain in play — will the weather hold steady, or will we see a heat spike that amplifies the pace of the picking schedule? Will we have a few more Sundays to play before the 24/7 work of the season kicks in?

Either way one thing is certain – most mornings you will see winemakers walking the rows in vineyards throughout the Valley methodically pulling berries from the vines, tasting as they go for flavor development and tucking samples into plastic baggies. They’ll return to their labs and run sugar and acid analysis tests, continuing to tweak the rotation and make picking decisions based on the outcomes. For now, the pace remains calm and steady. Early reports indicate that flavors in all varietals are “fantastic”, while progress reports on timing and yields as compared to past vintages vary from vineyard to vineyard and person to person. Too soon yet to tell the tale, but looks like we’re well into the opening pages. Happy Tuesday!

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